Mamie Kanfer Stewart
Founding Director, Chair, President
Mamie Kanfer Stewart is passionate about creating opportunities for people to do their best work and be their best selves. Mamie is Founder of Meeteor, a coaching and training firm focused on building healthy, high performing teams with a special emphasis on productive meetings… Read More →

Founding Director
Marcella Kanfer Rolnick focuses on creating meaning and value every day through her diverse family enterprise – which includes GOJO, maker of PURELL® brand solutions including America’s #1 hand sanitizer, and an array of ventures and philanthropic foundations. And she is deeply involved in her communities and her family. … Read More →

Joseph Kanfer
Founding Director
Joe Kanfer is Venturer at GOJO. The second generation of family leadership of GOJO, Joe was CEO from 1976 to May 2018, when he transitioned to Venturer. As Venturer, Joe is a member of the GOJO Board and an advisor and coach to many teams. Joe brings his passion for innovation and vision-setting to constantly generate new ideas and push boundaries… Read More →

Joshua N. K. Rolnick
Founding Director

Josh Rolnick’s short story collection, Pulp and Paper, won the John Simmons Short Fiction Award, selected by Yiyun Li (University of Iowa Press). His most recent stories have appeared in Boulevard (Spring 2021) and Meridian (Spring 2020). Previous short stories have won the Arts & Letters fiction prize… Read More →

Sara Ferne Kanfer
Sara Ferne Kanfer is currently focusing on her role as a stay-at-home mom to her toddler and has shifted her energies to domestic life since leaving her work in e-commerce in 2019… Read More →

Pamela Kanfer z”l
Founding Director
For more than 40 years at The Lippman School, Pam Kanfer held numerous lay and professional positions, including school director, general studies and Hebrew teacher, board president and currently educational therapist. As a Dyslexia Specialist, she also maintained a private practice. She was former treasurer of the Northern Ohio Branch … Read More →

Jerry & Goldie Lippman z”l
Founding Directors
In 1966, Jerome Lippman (1913-2005) – known as Jerry to his friends, employees, and customers, and as “Grandpa Jerry” to the current generation of Kanfer family members – and Goldie Lippman (1911-1972) established the Jerome Lippman Family Foundation, later renamed Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation. Jerry and Goldie were committed to Jewish life and social justice … Read More →


Dan Libenson
Dan believes we are in a time of great transformation for Judaism and the Jewish people, and his goal is to empower and prepare Jews and fellow travelers to enter this process of transformation with open minds and hearts that channel our deepest creative energies… Read More →

Daniel Spiro
Program Manager
Daniel believes in cultivating and refining creative, efficient, effective, and clear systems for communication and action. Before joining the Lippman Kanfer team, Daniel lived in New Orleans where he worked in a local secondhand bookshop… Read More →

Sophia Bassan
Operations Manager
Sophia enjoys improving systems to make them easier to use. Before joining Lippman Kanfer, Sophia worked in the fundraising department of the Orthodox Union (OU). At the OU, she helped improve the functionality… Read More →

Ayalon Eliach
Chief Ideas Officer
Ayalon loves to make complex ideas digestible, relevant, and useful. Before joining Lippman Kanfer Family Philanthropies, he directed an initiative for the National Association of Consumer Advocates to help consumers minimize taxation on income they never received after winning lawsuits. … Read More →

Jonathan Woocher, PhD z”l
Founding President
Jon joined Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah in 2013 as its first President and became Senior Fellow in September 2016. Prior to coming to the Foundation, Jon worked for 27 years at JESNA as President and then as Chief Ideas Officer, where he headed the Lippman Kanfer Institute … Read More →