About the 3P Framework

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What is a “framework?”

A framework organizes complex, often interconnected ideas into a useful approach that helps solve real-world challenges. 

What is the 3P Framework?
The 3P Framework hypothesizes that meaning and belonging increase as individuals incorporate and integrate three elements in their lives:
  • PURPOSE: Core aims and aspirations.
  • PRACTICE: Routinized norms and rituals.
  • PEOPLE: Strong relationships.


There is increasing discourse among those who study meaning and belonging suggesting that:

  • Meaning is generated by having PURPOSE in life.
  • Belonging is generated by having strong relationships with other PEOPLE.
  • Meaning and belonging are mutually reinforcing.
  • Routinized PRACTICES sustain PURPOSE and strengthen relationships between PEOPLE over the long term.

The 3P Framework and Jewish Wisdom

For thousands of years, the centrality and integration of PURPOSE, PRACTICE and PEOPLE has been implicit in Jewish wisdom. Our hope is that the 3P Framework can help reveal these elements and their integration to inform the current application of Jewish wisdom. A few examples below highlight Jewish wisdom’s focus on each of the three Ps, as well as their integration.


Throughout the centuries, when Jewish thinkers debated how to summarize Jewish wisdom, they pointed to different understandings of higher PURPOSE.


From the 613 mitzvot (commandments) to thousands of halakhot (rabbinically prescribed norms and rituals) to countless minhagim (customs), Jewish wisdom contains a large menu of routinized norms and rituals for achieving PURPOSE and connecting PEOPLE.


Strong relationships have always been a central component of Jewish wisdom.

Impacting the Jewish Ecosystem

We believe that if practitioners and organizations apply the 3P Framework in their work, they will enhance their effectiveness at offering programming that participants want and need. Building on our work so far, we will continue to seek input from a broad array of experts in the field to create resources for practitioners and organizations to help them apply the 3P Framework.

Implementation Support
Offering tools and support that help practitioners and organizations use the 3P Framework in their work.
Network Building
Facilitating connections among those applying the 3P Framework so that they can learn from one another, collaborate, and develop sustaining relationships.
Thought Leadership
Inviting thought leaders in Jewish wisdom and behavioral science to expand a public conversation that deepens understanding of the 3P Framework.

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In Jewish tradition, the beit knesset, where people gather to pray and learn, must have windows and doors so that it is constantly in conversation with the outside world. While this virtual space has no physical entryways, we invite you to enter and join our learning community.

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